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Shaping a Better Digital Future

To improve digital services and the value received by staff and students, Deakin University’s Digital Services leadership created a new operating model that was coupled with key innovative digital investments. With Gartner’s guidance, throughout the Digital transformation program, the University has seen improved performance of services across the university and increased trust from their customers. 

Mission-critical priority

To improve digital service value and trust across the university a new operating model was created.  The new model included a new style of engagement and delivery function, based on a fusion team model with an agile delivery product-based approach. 

Based on feedback, Digital Services needed to deliver on its promise and make it easier for academics, researchers, professional staff, and students to complete activities and tasks. In partnership with key stakeholders a digital transformation program was established that included the introduction of intelligent automation, new workflows, integration of over 800 applications and a cyber security uplift program along with the associated retraining of staff. With a keen eye on the future a new Student and Enterprise Systems Strategy was written and endorsed.

To continue the expansion of the teacher and learning experience, Digital Services continued exploring and innovating with technologies such as extended reality (XR) technologies, augmented reality, virtual reality, and other digital tools. These innovations built on the Universities digital brand and student experience results.

How Gartner helped

  • Leadership tapped into Gartner research on digital transformation programs and fusion team model implementation including supporting materials and tools. 
  • Workshops on operation models and strategic workforce planning. 
  • Provided relevant case studies of other organisations and expert guidance to redesign the new structure and delivery function using a fusion team, agile approach. 
  • Utilised Gartner experts who have world-wide context on ERP strategies and bringing key analysts to leadership meetings. 
  • Helping to solidify ideas and act as a sounding board for the correct strategy and approach, before presenting to Senior university Executives, increasing buy-in and credibility. 
  • Regular check in and enquiries with Gartner analysts throughout the new product-based model, from the early stages through to maturity, providing a continuum across the entire journey. 

Business impact

The new style of engaging, coupled with innovative digital investments, created a high level of trust in the university’s Digital Services and continues to provide a personalised experience enhanced by world-class programs, creating opportunities to live and work in a connected, evolving world. Key business impact includes: 

  • Reached a good level of digital transformation maturity in half the time. 
  • Transparency enabled customers to respond instantaneously and outcomes to be aligned quickly. 
  • Improved performance of general University services increasing staff and student engagement. 
  • University brand uplift.





Approx $1.3B



< 4,500

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