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Announced: 2024 Supply Chain Award Winners

Now in its 10th year, the Gartner Power of the Profession Supply Chain Awards continue to inspire global supply chain transformation.

Explore the 2024 winners to discover leading examples of supply chain excellence.

CSCO Toolkit: Impact of Generative AI in Supply Chain

Gartner believes that Generative AI will have a significant impact on all aspects of supply chain operations and management in the near future. 

Explore the Generative AI benefits and potential risks for 5 key supply chain priorities.

Increase Your Supply Chain Risk Readiness

Top supply chain organizations experience less than one-third of the supply chain disruptions of their peers.

Learn key strategies that will increase your supply chain risk readiness to combat market disruption.

Client Success Stories

Examples of how Gartner helps with global supply chain management

Improving Supply Chain Processes with Gartner Score

Gartner Supply Chain Score helped the VP, Supply Chain at Milliken & Company with diagnosing the maturity of their sales and operations planning (S&OP) process to drive greater efficiency and improve prioritization in supply chain management.

Avoiding Costs Through Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Gartner helped a CPG Manufacturer save $22 million in inventory costs by aligning supply chain technology with business processes.


Saving Time on Supply Chain Resiliency Plan

Gartner helped the CSCO at a leading cancer center implement a healthcare business continuity plan in-house within 8 weeks saving up to $150K in consulting fees. 

Implementing a Healthcare Resiliency Plan In-House

Establishing Supply Chain Risk Management Strategy

Gartner helped an automotive technology company assess and mitigate key supply chain risks in response to the semiconductor shortage.

Establish Supply Chain Risk Management Strategy

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