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IT Roadmap for Digital Business Transformation

Most CIOs have a common question - What is the best way to scope, scale, and lead the digital transformation that can deliver financial results?

The Gartner IT Roadmap for Digital Transformation is based on unbiased research and interactions with thousands of organisations across all industries and sectors. CIOs and IT leaders can avoid common pitfalls and lead smart, effective digital transformations by following these best practices. 

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    As a part of digital transformation, we have changed the way [we] work. …We have given [our employees] new tools like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and workflow streamline tools. We are right there at the core of the strategy of the firm, really helping to lead and deliver change and transformation.

    Gary Adler

    Chief Digital Officer, Minter Ellison

    Digitalisation is a top priority but efforts are stalling

    Eighty-seven per cent of senior business leaders say digitalisation is a company priority, yet only 40% of organisations have brought digital initiatives to scale. The gap between aspiration and achievement is widening for enterprises attempting digital business transformation. Without a shared vision across the organisation, digital transformation efforts will continue to stall. 

    40% of organisations have reached scale for their digital initiatives.
    91% of organisations are engaged in some form of digital initiative.

    Define a digital ambition for business transformation

    Most organisations are doing digital projects, but this does not mean they are a digital business. Organisations must first determine the right mix between digital optimisation and transformation. This can change over time, but a clearly defined digital ambition provides direction and focus for the work ahead.

    91% of organisations are engaged in some form of digital initiative.

    Insights you can use

    Gartner’s insights, advice and tools help CIOs and their teams reboot strategic planning processes and develop an approach to digital business that helps enterprises achieve their digital ambition.

    Understand the psychological hotspots of transformation

    This complimentary webinar examines four predictable psychological hotspots of technology transformation and explores strategies to keep people positive and productive throughout the journey. 

    Optimise "techquisition" outcomes to accelerate digital transformation 

    Executives count on technology innovation to drive strategic business innovations so, at a minimum, they should have some understanding of the macro trends, as well as the emerging technologies themselves. IT leaders can use this research to ensure that they play a pivotal role in these high-stakes endeavors by adapting the standard M&A approach to optimise techquisition outcomes. 

    Accelerate digital business by recalibrating your key performance indicators 

    Digital business KPIs measure the level of progress in becoming a digital business. When broad market and economic shifts as they did last year, measuring progress is not enough; you must redshift your KPIs. This webinar will help IT executives reframe their digital KPIs to ensure they make more rapid progress on their digital ambitions.

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    IT becomes the way to translate this stuff from being magic to
    being something that is actually attainable.

    Jim MacLennan

    CIO IDEX Corporation

    Do not Think So Much: The Key to Digital Transformation

    IT definitely puts the digital in digital transformation, but now it’s time for IT to drive the transformation side of it, too. IDEX CIO Jim MacLennan joins us with a simple message for IT: Stop thinking so much, and start doing.

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