Establishing the Foundation for a Successful Digital Future


PowerLink, a leading Australian provider of high-voltage electricity transmission network services, combines innovation with insight to deliver safe, cost-effective and reliable solutions. To improve business efficiency and agility, the company innovated by fast tracking its release of digital capabilities, quickly adapting to the pandemic without disruption to its services, while modernizing its legacy ERP application and infrastructure. After rapidly migrating to the cloud, the company was set up to fulfill its mission of connecting customers to a world-class energy future.

Mission-critical priority

Driving change and enabling digital ambitions by providing people with new digital capabilities, investing in cloud and data management platforms to deliver high value, connecting customers to a world-class future.

How Gartner helped

Gartner experts collaborated with Powerlink in planning their future and were pivotal in the strategic planning phase including:

  • Gartner Experts: Practical expert advice to help develop a multi-year roadmap of programs and projects targeting needed transformational foundations and modernization in ERP, cloud, GIS, data platforms and security
  • Gartner Workshops: Benchmarking and maturity workshops supporting which high value priority areas to focus on first such as organisational change, developing an IT workforce strategy and IT culture change to support Powerlink's strategic goals
  • Gartner Research: Research and expertise in developing a new operating model that could successfully transform the IT function and deliver the Digital Program
  • Gartner Peer to Peer Connect: Putting PowerLink’s senior management in touch with peers who have gone on the same journey before, in order to understand crucial lessons learned or critical risks that could be mitigated upfront

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, Powerlink had a strong long term strategic IT plan in place resulting in:

  • The ability for Powerlink to adapt to the pandemic without disruption to services with the fast-tracked release of digital capabilities with remote working tools not previously available.
  • During a pandemic backdrop, avoid disruption to IT projects including the complex move to the cloud from a legacy ERP and infrastructure with a full system upgrade on time, on budget and with a seamless Go-Live.
  • Significantly transformed abilities to collaborate virtually across the organisation and internationally and to test emerging technologies in real-world situations.
  • Increased performance and optimisation of system processes and reporting with improved system availability and efficiency with the realisation of cost savings or avoidance with the move to cloud.
  • The ability to align multiple digital programs and projects to minimise change disruption and maximise benefits.

Electricity Transmission Network Services


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Gartner gave us a foundation to plan our future

Mark Pozdena

General Manager, Business IT, PowerLink

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